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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What should be the title?

i dont know what i should put as a title...
just finished my 1st ever nasi lemak (after 3months of "nasiless" i guess) at hospital cafeteria
i just need something to ease my feeling

im accompanying my father for his routine eye check...
he's still waiting for his turn to see the doctor

just witnessed a very touching scene just now

in a room full of waiting patient(most of them are elderly), a man screamed
"Ya Allah....sakitnya!Sampai bila aku nak tunggu ni?"
The man screamed out of his pain while his hands grabbing and pulling his own hair
His eyes are closed, his wife watching him helplessly
I could only watch...

After 10 minutes, he stood and walk with his eyes closed
"Mana kaunter pertanyaan?"he asked to whoever in front of him...
Finally his wife grabbed his arm and guide him to the counter
I heard him yelling at the nurses though I couldnt hear him good enough to know what he told them
He were then brought to the doctor straight away

You may see such scenes in a government hospital
where average and even poor people seek for medical help
and what hurt me most....they came by bus, walk using cane or by wheelchair,
and...they need to wait...2 hours at least...
In the oftalmology just now, some need to stand as there is not enough chairs

I dont know what to conclude, so many things....
the service need to be improved....but thank God...most nurses are very helpful
i think the system need to be improved...

how can I help these people?
I know, even my parents still go to government hospitals...for them, the service is as good as what is being offered at private that came crazy price. many many thingss.......:(

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Whack Your Boss~ Review

I have to admit...
This is one of my hobby....GAMES
Since I do not have any X-box nor Play Station...I use my PC instead..
And now...I have tablet...and games are downloadable for free...(of course the paid version is better but...I wil always go for free ones...ahahaha)

This is the game my nephew downloaded by himself into my tablet.
(Linked from downloaded games before...I guess)
It is available in android market...
I don't really care at first but the sound effect of the game is sooooo annoying
so I check it out...

This is a BRUTAL game...not suitable at all for kids

Synopsis: You have to find....19(if not mistaken) items surrounding your cubic(office) that can be used to kill your boss who keep nagging about your work performance.

As usual...ahahaha...I finished the game at no time. Turned out that it was just a dream...but may create bad idea you know....although it is only a very short game...with black+white+red(for the blood) colors....
courtesy of Google

Cambodia Trip ~ Part I

Date: 31st ~ 3rd April 2011
With Who?: My best friends
Cost : USD 250 per pax excluding flight ticket
Guide/Driver : Ustaz Musa (

Fill these forms in flight

We arrived at Siam Ream International Airport at 8am.
Ustaz Musa was there waiting for us.
He approached us...."4 orang kan??"
It was cold. Ustaz said it was just after the rain. It was monsoon season.Oooooo
We were headed to his old camry.
Just for your information...he is very fluent in Malay.

Siam Reap International Airport
Since we departed early in the morning, and no food was provided in Air Asia flight, we decided to have breakfirst 1st. Again and again I asked Ustaz to bring us to Halal Restaurant. He only smiled.
We were brought to Restoran Wau, a Malaysian restaurant. Not many choices but we ended up with Kuey Tiow Soup in the cold weather. to rotate this pic??

this one also.....rotate? Kuey Tiow Soup

Please take note that Kuey Tiow in Cambodia means Bihun or vermicelli.
It tasted a little bit sweet....but we were all hungry and say no more.... must notice that they will use each and every single organ for the soup...ahahahah.

Since our trip was a short one, there were limited time for rest.
Ustaz has everything planned beforehand. We just let him know where we plan to go and he will arrange everything.
Out first destination....The Tonle Sap Lake.
In the middle of our journey there, we stop here....

Under the hut...

This is how they do it....
Lovely isn't it?

I'll Part II..:)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What is this??????

Technology is supposed to make things easier don't they??
But it is not the case to me nowadays....

I guess what is being told in class is sooooo true.
Technology and Information System culture need to be nurtured.
And I understand why people are against them...

grrrrrrrrrr...this is it

This is called Smart Card Electronic Government... are the issues
1. We were not being briefed on how to use the card... 
2. I don't have the authority to use my own pin no.
3. There's no trial timing....
4. Before this, I just have to login and use my ID and password then approve vouchers...but now...login as usual, and...insert card to card reader, install card reader to PC, key in you pin no....then only the voucher is approved...huhhh

Increase processing time...not good
Additional hardware....not good
Additional storage area....not good
I have to memorize the pin no of not my choice....not good at all....

so...learn how to nurture technology and IT culture in your workplace carefully ok!

Friday, 4 May 2012

RATU II ~ Having Fun with Technology

RATU ~ Raja Tun Uda Library

Located at Seksyen 13, Inside Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam.
A bit far from the town center, but you'll not regret once you step in.

My 1st visit to RATU II today is basically as part of my duty as LO to the persatuan exco.
This is my 1st  visit here. I was stunned at first by the building construction itself....later more impressed by what they have got to offer.

Courtesy of ppas
There are many interesting activities especially for kids...and also any age range...seriously. this post title, you will be experiencing fun with technology.
Very cozy surrounding, you may not want to go back!

There are Mini XD theatre...also Mini 3D theatre at minimal price.
Wifi also available for free.

Go and give it  a visit now!