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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cambodia Trip ~ Part I

Date: 31st ~ 3rd April 2011
With Who?: My best friends
Cost : USD 250 per pax excluding flight ticket
Guide/Driver : Ustaz Musa (

Fill these forms in flight

We arrived at Siam Ream International Airport at 8am.
Ustaz Musa was there waiting for us.
He approached us...."4 orang kan??"
It was cold. Ustaz said it was just after the rain. It was monsoon season.Oooooo
We were headed to his old camry.
Just for your information...he is very fluent in Malay.

Siam Reap International Airport
Since we departed early in the morning, and no food was provided in Air Asia flight, we decided to have breakfirst 1st. Again and again I asked Ustaz to bring us to Halal Restaurant. He only smiled.
We were brought to Restoran Wau, a Malaysian restaurant. Not many choices but we ended up with Kuey Tiow Soup in the cold weather. to rotate this pic??

this one also.....rotate? Kuey Tiow Soup

Please take note that Kuey Tiow in Cambodia means Bihun or vermicelli.
It tasted a little bit sweet....but we were all hungry and say no more.... must notice that they will use each and every single organ for the soup...ahahahah.

Since our trip was a short one, there were limited time for rest.
Ustaz has everything planned beforehand. We just let him know where we plan to go and he will arrange everything.
Out first destination....The Tonle Sap Lake.
In the middle of our journey there, we stop here....

Under the hut...

This is how they do it....
Lovely isn't it?

I'll Part II..:)

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