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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What should be the title?

i dont know what i should put as a title...
just finished my 1st ever nasi lemak (after 3months of "nasiless" i guess) at hospital cafeteria
i just need something to ease my feeling

im accompanying my father for his routine eye check...
he's still waiting for his turn to see the doctor

just witnessed a very touching scene just now

in a room full of waiting patient(most of them are elderly), a man screamed
"Ya Allah....sakitnya!Sampai bila aku nak tunggu ni?"
The man screamed out of his pain while his hands grabbing and pulling his own hair
His eyes are closed, his wife watching him helplessly
I could only watch...

After 10 minutes, he stood and walk with his eyes closed
"Mana kaunter pertanyaan?"he asked to whoever in front of him...
Finally his wife grabbed his arm and guide him to the counter
I heard him yelling at the nurses though I couldnt hear him good enough to know what he told them
He were then brought to the doctor straight away

You may see such scenes in a government hospital
where average and even poor people seek for medical help
and what hurt me most....they came by bus, walk using cane or by wheelchair,
and...they need to wait...2 hours at least...
In the oftalmology just now, some need to stand as there is not enough chairs

I dont know what to conclude, so many things....
the service need to be improved....but thank God...most nurses are very helpful
i think the system need to be improved...

how can I help these people?
I know, even my parents still go to government hospitals...for them, the service is as good as what is being offered at private that came crazy price. many many thingss.......:(

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