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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Whack Your Boss~ Review

I have to admit...
This is one of my hobby....GAMES
Since I do not have any X-box nor Play Station...I use my PC instead..
And now...I have tablet...and games are downloadable for free...(of course the paid version is better but...I wil always go for free ones...ahahaha)

This is the game my nephew downloaded by himself into my tablet.
(Linked from downloaded games before...I guess)
It is available in android market...
I don't really care at first but the sound effect of the game is sooooo annoying
so I check it out...

This is a BRUTAL game...not suitable at all for kids

Synopsis: You have to find....19(if not mistaken) items surrounding your cubic(office) that can be used to kill your boss who keep nagging about your work performance.

As usual...ahahaha...I finished the game at no time. Turned out that it was just a dream...but may create bad idea you know....although it is only a very short game...with black+white+red(for the blood) colors....
courtesy of Google

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