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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What is this??????

Technology is supposed to make things easier don't they??
But it is not the case to me nowadays....

I guess what is being told in class is sooooo true.
Technology and Information System culture need to be nurtured.
And I understand why people are against them...

grrrrrrrrrr...this is it

This is called Smart Card Electronic Government... are the issues
1. We were not being briefed on how to use the card... 
2. I don't have the authority to use my own pin no.
3. There's no trial timing....
4. Before this, I just have to login and use my ID and password then approve vouchers...but now...login as usual, and...insert card to card reader, install card reader to PC, key in you pin no....then only the voucher is approved...huhhh

Increase processing time...not good
Additional hardware....not good
Additional storage area....not good
I have to memorize the pin no of not my choice....not good at all....

so...learn how to nurture technology and IT culture in your workplace carefully ok!

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