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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cambodia Trip ~ Part 4

We had our lunch at Ustaz Musa's Restaurant...Sorry...cannot remember exactly where it is...
I 'll upload his name card later...
Menu: marvellous...just like Malaysian menu...
Talapia 3 Rasa
Sawi Goreng
Patin Masak Lemak Nenas
Sayur Campur
Sambal Belacan!
Teh O Ais
Not to forget: wifi is provided

After lunch, we check in to Raksmey Chanreas Hotel. Simple but comfortable enough for us.

Room for 2....big beds...oh yeahhh...

After short break, we head out to see all the temples which is part of history...

We visited 3 temples...since not enough time to cover all.  We went to Ta Phrom(if not mistaken meant 4 faces), Bayon and Angkor Wat. A lot of preservation is in progress. The earlier 2 is are beautiful but not as magnificent as Angkor Wat.

I continue later...need to go back..tataaaaaa


  1. makanan kat hotel tu nampak best jee...murah tak ?

  2. hazman...itu mkn kat restoran ustaz tu...xtau harga sbb mkn masuk dlm pakej die mmg sedaaappp...licin!