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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cambodia Trip ~ Part III

Hmmm...Im still not finish with Tonle Sap story....

I received lotus flower from this girl...isn't she cute?

The center stop.....crocodiles or is it alligator?

Along the river
Children with snake...for you to take pics and pay!

School...around 3 classrooms

The center view of Tonle Sap lake

With crocodile skin....
The stop in the center of Tonle Sap lake

Boat along the river

According to Ustaz Musa...this time around, the river depth is only 1m...Lake size is approximately 35km x 150km...The center, where we made our stop is where they do catfish farming and crocodile?There were floating markets all around, so as schools, halls, houses...everything were on boat....

I wish to upload more pics...but I stuck until this last pic....

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