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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Private vs Government

I'd been working with private sectors for more than 8 years before i decided to join the Government.
New culture, new environment, new job scope and what not.
I was quite lost at first...things are totally different...and people nonacceptance are unavoidable

Anyway...all I will be saying here is about the technology experience...comparing both sectors

I was with a Japanese automotive company previously..
The technology keep expanding with time
Japanese are strict with their rules and of course, every cent counts.
meeting invitations were sent using memo unless for tv meeting with Japan
parts ordering by systems....fax only for overseas vendors
minutes of meeting were printed out of whiteboard straight away after meetings ended
papers are limited....recycle while you can
info sharing is a necessity..all documents need to be saved to a thumb drive provided
production control is using sql
no of units produced, time taken, vehicle movements, vehicle specifications are all monitored by this system
parts are being delivered to line according to 'kanban' system- a combination of barcode and Japan tagging system
Everything is as per sequence and as documented...the result also being recorded and analysed for improvement
My section in previous company

That was last time...
in Government, things are different....
there are abundance of fresh papers...
memos, letters and meeting invitation not only being sent in hardcopy, they will also being faxed to the recipients
if there were 2 recipients in a department, hardcopy memos will be sent to them both
info sharing is limited
if you need info from another unit, it will either being emailed to you or thumb drive is required to transfer the files if it were too big in size.
email usage is seldom
but...Government comprises of huge number of departments, in Federal plus in State
there are so much coordination required hence it takes time

There were also few Government system which is really good
One of them is HRMIS- Human Resource Management Information System
Each and every single civil servant will have their own HRMIS account where all the personal information
will be kept.
Not only that, the yearly appraisal, leave application, and so on is using HRMIS.
Selangor has been serious in ensuring the employees usage of HRMIS is at maximum. 
Though, HRMIS still needs improvement especially on the accessibility and security.
However, I do believe that it is taken care from time to time. 

HRMIS interface

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