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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Maxis e-book

The Star. 13th April 2012
A new marketing strategy?Maybe....
Is e-book one form of MIS?
It do collect, store and distribute information.
It also automating book-buying process and reduce cost of transporting, materials, manufacturing cost and so on. 
Basically, some of MIS functions have been met. 

Looking at another point of view, the use of e-book has been globally expanding and Maxis taking one step ahead of other communication service provider in enabling Malaysian to have such kind of service to be more competitive. 

In my point of view, it is another way of distributing information needed and at the same time a new marketing strategy though. Hopefully with the the launch of Maxis e-book, Malaysian will have a better access to knowledge and having fun at the same time. :)

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